These EG Civics Are Going All Out

These Civics didn't come to waste time, they came on a mission to kill.

That Integra Let That Mustang Look Like It Wasn’t Trying

That Integra owned that Mustang, did you see that after missing 3rd and 4th he still pulled in that Mustang.

That S2000 Played Him From The Start

I believe that Nissan 350z ask for what he got from that S2000.

Bad@ss Toyota Supra Decimates Boosted Integra

Supra is in a no nonsense mood, watch it against that Integra.

Lamborghini Gallardo Gets Beaten By Twin Turbo 350z

Another super car bites the dust by a JDM Machine.

Did That Big Turbo SRT-4 Just Walked Over Everything?

That's a powerful machine, never saw an SRT-4 do that much damage in one night.

SUPRA vs SUPRA vs SUPRA vs Lambo vs GT-R – Epic Street Race

Whoo hoo! Now that's a fun race to watch. All the big juices clash on the highway.

Wait, Did That MR2 Just Walk Over That 780HP Evo X?

Yooo! I wonder what did he put in that MR2?

“Jamaica’s Stinkest Nissan Lafesta” – StinkRides EP 2

The car scene in Jamaica is awesome, sit back and watch the beauty of this Lafesta unfold.

Subaru WRX RA Mopping Up The Streets!

Watch this Subaru RA take on everything it can on the streets!